Meet the Newly appointed Madam CP

Nakirijja Laura

Nakirijja Laura

Madam Chairperson

On behalf of the students’ council, katikamu sda ss, as the chairperson I would like to take this opportunity to thank the administration for allowing the Uganda national Students Association (UNSA) for being part of the school.

UNSA is the association under which the student’s council falls. Briefly the role of the students’ council is to cater for the welfare of the students in school. So, as the council members we make sure that the students enjoy their stay in school. The executive of the student’s council is made up of 11 members and each stream has got a stream councilor who forwards the problems or concerns of the students in their respective streams.

In addition to that, the councilors also bridge the gap between the administration and the students by being the voice of the students through airing out their different disturbances and discomforts.

Students have been able to discover their different potentials through involving themselves in students’ council leadership. Personally as the first Girl chairperson I realized that even girls can. The administration too has been able to know what the students are in need of easily without the students having to storm their offices with their problems and their issues are worked upon accordingly.

Well, there is chapter and verse that ypu should know about the students’ council and the above are the facts and figures



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