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Well as we all know A level stands for ‘Advanced level’. And as it states ‘advanced’ and so does everything  advance for instance academically, physically, intellectually, behavior to mention but a few. Truth be told all those who have climbed the ladder to A level are not lucky but rather blessed. Those who reach A level exhibit change compared to the way of life they have led in ordinary level.

Academically, in A level an individual or a scholar chooses a combination of his or her choice which is basing on the best performed subjects. More so the scholar must be proficient on the best subjects that make up his or her combination. The choice made must either be got from sciences or arts. Sciences are said to be the hardest and most failed. Wait! Those who pass them are no exceptional but the fact is that they call for more attention, reading and concentration.  You just have to submit yourself to reality. Those who say its hard, that’s their own history, make your own history too.

What beats  my  understanding  is  when I hear people saying Arts are just a walkover. Do you think it is easy to have the topics like French revolution or Metternich at ones finger tips?. May be its too hard an issue to analyze . Lets talk God now. For divinity scholars the bible, if some find it hard to cram a bible verse how about mastering the calls of Abraham,Moses ,Samuel ,Prophet Amos exetra.  Those are myths that corrupt our minds. Believe me you sciences like arts are equally passable.

Advanced level is a world of facts , you either take it or leave it . There are no chances, there is not luck, there aren’t statements like am smart, am naturally intelligent, I passed senior 4 . A level is like a shop, you get what you have paid for , no more no less in simple terms you reap what you sow. It calls for maturity in terms of studies that is to say reading so hard , researching , concentrating , consulting and being part of a discussion. Here I don’t mean you simply sit NO!  you must actively  participate in order to gain from that discussion.

Furthermore, the action character and mindsets. To some people this stage is like a phantasmagoria of nothingness, others think it’s a dream come true . For those who have manoured through  the stage BRAVO! The sense of maturity in a level  is central . For example there are people who were shabby and unkept in ordinary level but seeing them now one believes the saying that ‘ change is a fact of life and sometimes is inevitable, walking styles, way of lifen character among others all changes

To sum it up, the A’level  students are said to be the elders of the school, those who know it all since they have been through it all, the tough ones, the no go areas. Well for that it  just has to happen one way of respecting yourself. And to katikamu, its some what a great deal to be of o’level to A’level because you get to put on the blue sleeved from white “under shirt” “don’t feel offended we have been there” from congested classes to spacious ones, from dorms to cubes from the  benches to pews. So its that not so much great deal.

In conclusion, those who are not in A’ level yet. Its simple if you know the rules of the game and its when events in life untold, go getters achieve greatness and register success.


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