Office of the Deputy H/M Academics

Mr Luwemba Eddy

Mr Luwemba Eddy

Deputy H/M Academics

Tel: 0773-333811 | 0704-076697

Holistic Education is what we offer at Katikamu a.k.a. Katisco.  If I may ask ourselves: what is Holistic Education?

Well, to cut what would be a long story short, Holistic Education is that which puts emphasis on the development of the Mental, Physical and Spiritual faculties of an individual.

At Katisco we offer “Full Package Education” to affect the three traditional domains of life namely: the Cognitive domain, Psycho-mortar domain and the Affective domain which we summarily call the 3Hs curriculum of the Head, Hand and Heart respectively.

Welcome to Katisco as we share this full package curriculum

Fear God and Strive!!

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