Poem About Katikamu By Amanya S.3


Single as you are

You have natured me

Catered for my welfare

Consoled me during time of sorrow

Katisco , my hero

The showed me no love

But you showed me parental care and love

You give me inspiration a midst peoples curses

Katisco my hero

Never have your deeds been appreciated by others

Abuses, curses, envy, is what our enemies

Others out

But to me you a hero

A star in me

Health, good luck, success, opportunities in all you do for me

You taught to reset temptation and sin of any form

Katisco my hero

I love you my live, future and blessing

What can I do to pay you and to show the world

All you have done for me!

Katisco my hero

You’re my hero and pride

Ohh katisco may God bless you my hero

Katisco is my hero!

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