Head prefect 2016/17

Dear beloved,

Welcome to your dream destination of the great KATISCO united family, where God, Academic Excellence and Friendship come first. I am so much delighted to have you visit our website. How much pleasure we hold at school for entrusting the KATIKAMU SDA SS fraternity with your child!

Perhaps the best experience of being able to serve my school is serving as the school’s HEAD PREFECT for the year 2016/2017 and looking forward to handing over to my predecessor soon. As the school, we harmoniously develop the physical, mental and spiritual faculties of individuals.

Being a candidate has its own expectations and challenges but through gods favor, we have been able to continue overcoming each day that passes and of course hope for the best come UACE examinations………… thank you.


                 MUWANGUZI LABAN 


Muwanguzi Laban

Muwanguzi Laban

Head Prefect 2016/17