Christian greetings from the entire staff and management of the school. Today Wednesday 23rd AUGUST 2017 marks the end of term II 2017. We appreciate your moral, spiritual and financial support given to the school.

  1. Academics: 1, S.2, S.3, and S.5 have been issued with a report card showing the average of B.O.T and M.O.T exam results. On the other hand, S.4 and S.6 have been issued with a report card showing 1 set of MOCK. S.4 has been given holiday work, monitor the child’s doing the work.
  • C.T/ Computer: Our school emerged the national winner of the I.C.T competitions organized by U.C.C. The students involved were given Laptops and are waiting for a trip to Geneva Switzerland.
  1. Spiritual Affairs: A week of prayer was conducted and 196 souls decided to follow Jesus as their personal Savior. The preacher was Dr. Yetunde Edemi from Nigeria.
  • Chapel services have been ministered on House basis and staff. Students have enjoyed serving in their respective houses. This has boosted team work among staff and students.
  1. Health: Our dispensary team has managed the health of our staff and students well. Complicated health cases were referred.
  2. In case your child has health complications, furnish the school Administration with relevant information for easier management of such a student in case of any eventuality.
  3. Extra-curricular activities.

Our students have been engaged in various co-curricular activities:

  • A successful sports day was held on 16th July 2017 at the school football pitch and Gabber house emerged the winner and consequently awarded a bull. The guest of honor was Hon. Sarah Babirye – Youth MP central.  We cordially thank the parents/Guardians who turned up for the event.
  • The school girls’ volleyball team emerged district and regional champions after winning the two tournaments respectively.
  1. Discipline: Our students’ discipline was commendable except for a few cases which were identified and handled with the concerned parties. We encourage you to monitor, guide and counsel your child. Check the child’s suitcase for any illegal items before reporting to school.


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